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Children of detained mothers

What happens when your mother goes to prison? Who takes care of you, your mother, foster parents or your grandparents? Sanne Hissel looks into the care for children of incarcerated mothers. She investigates who takes care of these children. She also tries to find whether the new caregiver and mother behind bars actually coordinate educational matters, and how children perceive that. Sanne Hissel also investigated how the care for children of detained mothers can be improved.

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What do people do when someone is threatened on the street, or kicked? Do these ‘bystanders’ intervene? And when a police officer is approaching, do they wait and think ‘let him deal with it!’? Marco van Bommel investigates whether it makes a difference whether an acquaintance is among the crowd. Do people intervene sooner (or less soon)? And what is the reason for that? This study into the role of bystanders is very important as the accidental citizen bystander may be one of the most effective crime preventers.

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Visiting fellow

Prof. Candace Kruttschnitt will again visit the Phoolan Devi institute this year. She will be present in June. Prof. Kruttschnitt is a world leading expert in empirical and normative studies on imprisonment. Her research has been devoted to understand female offenders and imprisonment. Her studies combine qualitative fieldwork, quantitative statistical analysis and theoretical reflection on the goals of punishment and internment.

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